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Necia Seelhorst honored as Civilian Employee of the Month

May 7th, 2024

Necia Seelhorst receives the Civilian Employee of the Month award for April 2024. Seelhorst serves as an Office Assistant III in Special Operations. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, she consistently delivers results that exceed expectations, showcasing her unwavering professionalism in every task she undertakes. Whether it's tackling challenging projects or going above and beyond to assist her colleagues, Seelhorst's proactive approach and attention to detail shine through in all aspects of her work.

Futhermore, her positive attitude and collaborative spirit make her a true asset to the team. She consistently fosters a supportive work environment by offering guidance and assistance to her peers, demonstrating her commitment to collective success. Seelhorst's ability to maintain a high level of performance even in the face of adversity is truly commendable, reflecting her resilience and determination. According to her supervisor, she is an inspiration to her colleagues and a testament to the power of professionalism and dedication in the workplace.