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Using MPD's Teleserve to Report Crimes

Due to the coronavirus concerns, the Mobile Police Department is taking precautionary measures for the health and safety of the community. Citizens are urged to use the department’s Teleserv to report crimes to police. Teleserv officers will take the complaint and complete an incident report over the telephone.

Response to certain crimes will require the presence of an officer but calls that are considered low priority such as minor offenses and misdemeanor crimes will be taken over the telephone. 

After completing a police report, you will be provided with a case number or transaction number.

The most common offenses for Teleserv are gas drive-offs, thefts from vehicles, property damage complaints, harassing communications, and criminal mischief.

Other situations that will be taken over the telephone are offenses that are not in progress and the complainant does not want or require the presence of an officer.

To reach the Mobile Police Department’s Teleserve, call 251-208-7211.