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Precinct 1

CAPTAIN: Lee Laffitte

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Precinct 2

CAPTAIN: Matthew James

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Precinct 3

CAPTAIN: Angela Prine

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Precinct 4

CAPTAIN: Billie Rowland

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Central Precinct

CAPTAIN: Matthew Garrett

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Welcome to the Mobile Police Department's precinct pages. Our goal is to provide you with pertinent information pertaining to the neighborhood in which you live. 

The Mobile Police Department's precincts are divided into smaller units known as beats. There are 46 beats patrolled by members of the Field Operations Division around the clock each and every day of the year. The Department attempts to build relationships between the police and citizens by limiting changes in beat assignments. Familiarity with their beat territory allows the officers to get to know their residents and the safety issues specific to their beats. 

Each precinct is commanded by a captain who works under the major of the Field Operations Division. Each of the precincts has a General Patrol Unit composed of our men and women who patrol the streets 24 hours a day. 

Click on a precinct on the map shown and you will be taken to a page containing valuable information regarding precinct contacts, crime statistics, and much more.