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Family Intervention Team


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Rebuilding the Family Structure One Building Block at a Time

The Family Intervention Team (FIT) is committed to providing services for youth and families. We are invested in implementing education, counseling, and coping skills to individuals struggling with disruptive behaviors through brokenness. Regardless of the situation, our experienced family intervention specialists are trained to strengthen the family structure. Applying motivational interviewing, behavioral coaching, and mentorship, we provide individualized intervention methods to increase successful behavior changes. 

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FIT accepts referrals for youth who need guidance with: 

  • Parent-Child Conflict
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Peer Pressure
  • Poor Academics
  • Substance Use or Substance Abuse

We Support

  • Youth — by assisting youth in setting goals, teaching life skills, conflict resolution, counseling, and mentoring.
  • Families — by providing guidance and referrals to the entire family and offering classes that teach effective and efficient skills in parenting and communication.
  • Schools — through assisting school officials with providing valuable resources to youth who have disciplinary and academic problems.
  • Communities — by working with community leaders, local officials, and churches to prevent delinquency and promote strong family values within our communities.

We Strive to Prevent

  • Juvenile Crime
  • Re-arrests
  • School Violence
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Parent-Child Conflicts
  • Drug Use
  • Runaways
  • Adolescent Gang Participation
  • School Failure

Call Today to speak with a fAmily Intervention Specialist in your precinct.

Our family intervention specialists are credentialed in social work, counseling, education, and law enforcement. A family intervention specialist is assigned to a police precinct, making it easier for families to receive services close to where they live. Services provided by FIT are supported by the juicial system, law enforcement and area community leaders. The Family Intervention Team is a program under the Mobile Police Department Office of Strategic Initiatives. 

Precinct 1     251-208-2581 | 2601 Dauphin Island Parkway Suite D
Precinct 2     251-208-1257 | 5441 Hwy 90 Suite 25
Precinct 3     251-208-7748 | 2165 St. Stephens Road
Precinct 4     251-208-7727 | 8080 Airport Boulevard

Family Intervention Team Staff

Corporal Nathaniel McCarty
FIT Team Supervisor
Deandra Clifton
FIT Specialist, Fourth Precinct
Jennifer King
FIT Specialist, First Precinct
Ron Thomas
FIT Specialist, Third Precinct
Alexandra Whitt
FIT Specialist, Second Precinct