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Tonji Lofton Named Civilian Employee Of The Month

Jul 3rd, 2024

The Mobile Police Department is proud to recognize Tonji Lofton as the Civilian Employee of the Month for June 2024. Lofton serves as a public liaison and municipal enforcement officer. She is commended for helping older citizens with requests.

Lofton uses a great amount of empathy and professionalism when she deals with the public. A co-worker noticed how Lofton often assists older citizens with the new records public request forms required by the Records Department. She would take time to explain the form in such simplicity. For those with challenges, she gives them one-on-one attention guiding them through the process.

Several praise reports, including calls and personal thank you notes, have been received regarding her willingness to help others.

Regardless of the countless daily distractions, Lofton is able to maintain focus and provide excellent service to the citizens of Mobile. Her professional demeanor and good work ethic never change.