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Civilian Cadet Corps


cadet officer with childIf you have strong character, initiative and a calling to service in your community, the Mobile Police Department is seeking young men and women with a high school diploma or its equivalent to serve in the Cadet Program.

The Cadet Program of the Mobile Police Department offers individuals 17 to 22 years old an entry into policing. Several high-ranking officers started as cadets, learning the fundamentals of policing and getting a leg up to enter the MPD Police Academy at age 21.

Earn While You Learn

Cadets earn a minimum of $24,096 a year. They also receive city employment benefits, which include 50 percent college tuition reimbursement up to $3,000 a year. Other benefits include paid sick leave and vacation leave, 13 paid holidays a year and paid military leave. 

Cadets are placed in jobs throughout the department. While they are not sworn officers, they assist the police in a wide variety of assignments. A sampling of cadet activities includes:


Cadets can ride along with police officers for an entire shift, learning patrol functions such as radio communications, field interviews and ticket writing. 


Cadets, being under the legal age for consumption or purchase of alcohol, assist officers and detectives in controlling underage drinking. They may work decoy operations with sworn officers, asking to purchase alcohol at local clubs and retail outlets.


Cadets become the eyes and ears of police officers, helping at public events or on ride-alongs, looking for suspicious activity. 

Community Events

Cadets work Mardi Gras and other parades and celebrations, helping sworn officers to keep order by working traffic and crowd control.

Crime Prevention

Cadets help with crime prevention programs, including children's events where they appear as McGruff the Crime Dog. They assist in fingerprinting programs.

The Mobile Police Department is part of the Mobile County Merit System and candidates for cadet positions must file an application with the Mobile County Personnel Board. All applications must be made on an official application form secured from and returned to:

Mobile County Personnel Board
1809 Government Blvd
P.O. Box 66794
Mobile, AL 36660-1794
Online at

Requirements to Join: