Partnerships for Safer Communities

Our community is safer with partnerships. In times of crime or terrorist threats, the goal of the Cyber-Intelligence Unit of the Mobile Police Department is to keep public gathering places—where you work, attend school, shop, go for entertainment—safe.

About Project Shield 

Project Shield is a public-private partnership that allows the Mobile Police Department Cyber-Intelligence Unit access to existing surveillance cameras located in businesses, schools, living communities and other establishments throughout the City of Mobile. 

Think of Project Shield as the city's safety net that can provide first responders, who are on the ground, with information in real time. If there is ever an alarming situation of crime or terrorist threat, the Cyber-Intelligence Unit would have access to specific camera feeds, thus giving the responding police officers information that could save lives. 


Join the Project Shield Video Intelligence Partnership (VIP)

Be part of a network that is building a safer community through partnerships. It is crime prevention at its best circled with an umbrella of safety. There is no cost to join. Simply allow the Cyber-Intelligence Unit access to your existing surveillance system. 

As a benefit for joining, you receive one-on-one training in identifying and reporting suspicious activity and quicker police response to combat crime. Most importantly, the Cyber-Intelligence Unit obtains an ongoing valuable relationship with you. 

Request Situational Awareness and Terrorism-Prevention Training (SATT)

The Mobile Police Department applauds the observant citizen and believes everyone can play a part in the intelligence-gathering process to help protect the community.

The SATT training is designed to get citizens to first challenge themselves in being more observant in their surroundings. Attendees will learn the different categories of suspicous activity and what factors are used to identify suspicious or unusual behavior. 

Call 251.208.1860 or email to schedule a training session for your group.

Partner With MPD's Project Shield

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