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Women in Policing

Feb 1st, 2023

The Mobile Police Department Women in Policing is finalizing its series by honoring Major Linda Tims, Commander of the Investigative Operation Division. We are honored to showcase Major Tims during Black History Month, as she is currently the highest-ranking female within the department. She has worked in law enforcement for 32 years, rising through the ranks. In 2017, she was assigned Captain as Section Commander of Criminal Investigations, becoming the first woman to hold the position. She is also the only female in the department to have served as the Special Investigations Commander, thereby maintaining the distinction of being the only female to command both investigative sections. Before being promoted to Major, Tims earned an excellent reputation during her service as a burglary detective, robbery detective, and later the first female homicide detective. Her vast investigative experience across property crimes and crimes against persons makes her a highly regarded department commander.

Major Tims is a 2018 graduate of the Southern Police Institute (SPI), an Executive Leadership School. The Southern Police Institute is a division of the Department of Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. She is a 1984 graduate of Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree; she later earned her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Faulkner University.

Major Tims wants young females to know that the role of a police officer today can be what they make it. “You must set your path and make sure you choose it, not someone else picking it for you. Initially, you start as a Patrol officer, and if you decide to remain a patrol officer and that’s your path, then you need to be the best patrol officer there is. You need to know your beat and all the citizens who live in your beat. Also, you need to know that being a patrolman is about building trust with the community and the business owners.”

The Mobile Police Department offers many benefits, professional training, and services to qualified individuals ready to begin a career in law enforcement. Click the link below or call our Public Safety Recruiter, Tony McCarron, at 251-554-2298 or




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