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Veronica Williams named Civilian Employee of the Month for January

Feb 24th, 2022

Veronica Williams is the MPD Civilian Employee of the Month for January 2022. Williams serves as the secretary for the Third Precinct. However, she is much more than that. Not only does she do all the expected duties to include payroll, squad roll call updates, squad monthly recaps, and precinct monthly recaps, the list goes on and on.


Williams goes above and beyond her notable duties and she puts in the extra work and effort, without being asked, to make sure the precinct has what it needs to function.


She also takes it upon herself to boost the morale of the officers. Williams does this by providing them birthday cards and treats to celebrate such occasions. She also is the first to volunteer to do anything for the officers that is requested. This includes precinct luncheons, donations for those in need, and making sales for officers’ whose children are selling fundraising items for school.


Any officer who comes by the precinct regularly will begin to receive their favorite treats because Williams likes to make them smile. All these things are done at the expense of Williams. According to her captain, Williams is an exceptional employee and is truly an asset to the Third Precinct as well as to the city of Mobile.