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Protect Yourself from Phone Scams: A Warning to Our Community

Feb 2nd, 2024

Scammers are increasingly posing as officials from trusted agencies such as the Social Security Administration, IRS, your bank, or law enforcement to deceive citizens. These imposters fabricate urgent issues, such as account hacks or legal threats, to induce panic. Their aim is to manipulate you into sending money, often demanding payment in Bitcoin or gift cards. 

They might keep you on the phone for hours, pushing until you comply.

How to Stay Safe:

  • Ignore Unknown Calls: Exercise caution by not picking up calls from numbers you do not recognize. Legitimate entities will often leave a voicemail if the matter is of importance.

  • Government Doesn't Call for Money: Official contacts come by mail, not over the phone.  It's a red flag if someone claims to be from the government and asks for money or personal information over the phone.
  • Never Share Personal Info: Guard your personal details.  Sharing sensitive information over the phone can lead to identity theft and financial loss.

  • Hang Up on Suspicion: Verify through official channels if in doubt.
  • Be Alert: Scammers aim to take everything they can. If you're concerned or want more advice, contact the Mobile Police Dept - Financial Crimes Unit. 

Let's protect ourselves and our community from these scammers.


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