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Police chief to promote 36 officers

Dec 1st, 2021

Mobile's police chief is promoting 36 officers to higher ranks. Chief Paul Prine will recognize those officers during a promotion ceremony that will take place at Cottage Hill Baptist Church, 4255 Cottage Hill Road, on Friday, December 3, 2021 at 3:30 p.m.

For law enforcement officers, moving up in rank is an achievement to be celebrated. It is their reward for hard work and commitment to serving and protecting the community. Several of the promoted officers are also moving into new assignments. They will begin working in their new roles effective December 4, 2021.

Captains promoted to the rank of major:

  • Melvin Jones
  • William Reed

Lieutenants promoted to the rank of captain:

  • Lee Laffitte
  • Angela Prine

Sergeants promoted to the rank of lieutenant:

  • Jimmy Bailey
  • Scott Congleton
  • Michael Cook
  • Robert Davis

Corporals promoted to the rank of sergeant:

  • John Forward
  • Jarod Gee
  • Rusty Hodskins
  • Darlene Looney
  • Terence Perkins
  • Tilford Saunders
  • John Spottswood
  • Benjamin Towarnyckyj
  • Jennifer Wilson

Police officers promoted to the rank of corporal:

  • Noah Anderson
  • Gregory Arrington
  • Aaron Atkins
  • John Canning
  • Kyle Carag
  • Shaun Christian
  • Frank Collier III
  • David Conditt
  • Eugene Evans
  • Wilfredo Fernandez
  • Katrina Frazier
  • Brennon Garcia
  • Steve Hassell
  • Christopher Main
  • Nathaniel McCarty
  • Shalitha Nelson
  • Paul Onderdonk
  • Kenyada Taylor
  • Ophelia Weathington