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Mobile’s new youth violence prevention coordinator to host first community event as part of Operation Echo Stop

Apr 15th, 2022

Mobile’s new youth violence prevention coordinator is asking the community to share the responsibility for preventing gun violence. Helping to lead the fight against teen gun violence, Joshua Jones is on a mission to bring greater positive influences into young people’s lives. He knows youth engagement and community support are both essential to that mission.  


“It’s vital for us to know how our young people feel as we take actionable steps in making our communities safer,” Jones said. “I’m all about bringing authentic engagement, genuine presence, and pure positivity. I want them to know that I care.” 


Teens affected by gun violence are invited to unite at the “It Takes All of Us” community event and put a stake in the ground against gun violence. The event will be held at Unity Point Park (900 Spring Hill Avenue) at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20. There will be posters at the event so teens can write messages about how gun violence has impacted their life and their city. All community members who want to stand up to end gun violence are also invited to attend.

Jones said “It Takes All of Us” is the slogan for the city's long-term campaign against teen gun violence. Hired in March, one of Jones’ first tasks was completing a youth violence prevention strategic plan that will serve as a guide as he begins to work in the community.


Having a dedicated youth violence prevention coordinator is part of the City of Mobile’s effort to reduce gun violence. The position aligns with the goals of Operation Echo Stop, which launched earlier this year to curb gun violence with a focus on prevention, deterrence, compliance, and detection.