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Emily Butler receives Civilian Employee of the Month Award

Oct 16th, 2023

The Mobile Police Department honors Emily Butler as the Civilian Employee of the Month for September 2023. Butler serves as a fingerprint examiner. During the month, she provided outstanding service to the City of Mobile and displayed a high level of perseverance that is exemplary of her resilience and dedication to supporting the citizens of Mobile and officers of the Mobile Police Department.

Notably, Butler examined over 100 fingerprint submissions, carefully scrutinizing the fine details of each latent print and comparing them to possible matches indicated by the Automated Biometric Identification System. Of these, she made over two dozen matches last month alone. Additionally, she received and fulfilled a multitude of walk-in and mail-in service requests.

Not only does Butler process all of the department’s latent prints daily, she also receives all DNA evidence submissions, enters the required paperwork into the Alabama Department of Forensic Science database, and properly packages and delivers the evidence to ADFS on a weekly basis, which frees up valuable time for our crime scene investigators.

Butler works relentlessly throughout each work day to accomplish all of these tasks, plus those assigned to her as circumstances arise.