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Anita Otis named Civilian Employee of the Month

Apr 21st, 2023

The Mobile Police Department honors Anita Otis as the Civilian Employee of the Month for March 2023. Otis is assigned to the Second Precinct and serves as the administrative assistant. She plays an integral part in keeping the Second Precinct operating. The day-to-day operations run smoothly due to her organizational skills and her ability to start and complete tasks without being asked.

During the month of March, Otis received the personnel promotional and transfer list. The list was longer than usual but she took the initiative to place the Second Precinct units in their respective places, making it easier for coordination. She always makes sure the precinct’s records, paperwork and supplies are well-maintained.

Additionally, Otis receives compliments often for her courteousness and willingness to help, especially during Mardi Gras, other special events, and officer scheduled training. Since Captain Matthew James took command of Second Precinct, he can depend on her experience and knowledge for assistance. The officers at the precinct also highly respect her.