Family Intervention Team

"Committed to providing services that promote healthy, safe and productive lives for youth and families."

The Family Intervention Team (FIT) is a family assessment and referral team committed to improving the quality of life for juveniles and their families. All provided prevention and intervention services are supported by the judicial system and community leaders. 

FIT accepts referrals for youth who need guidance with: 

  • Family issues
  • Behavioral issues
  • Low self-esteem issues
  • Peer pressure issues
  • Academic issues

We Support

  • Youth — by assisting juveniles in setting goals, teaching life skills, conflict resolution, and mentoring.
  • Families — by providing treatment and referrals to the entire family, and offer classes that teach effective and efficient skills in parenting.
  • Schools — through assisting school officials with providing valuable resources to  juveniles who have disciplinary and academic problems.
  • Communities — by working with community leaders, local officials, and churches' initiatives to prevent delinquency, and promote strong family values within our communities.

We Strive to Prevent

  • Juvenile Crime
  • Re-arrests
  • School Violence
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Parent/Youth Conflicts
  • Drug Use
  • Runaways
  • Adolescent Gang Participation
  • Unexcused School Absences

Contact Us

Office of Strategic Initiatives  
Commander Curtis Graves - 251.208.1824
Sergeant Earl Adams - 251.208.6383
Precinct 1 Gloria Hill - 251.208.2581
Precinct 2 Meosha Rayford - 251.208.6061
Precinct 3 Katina Randolph - 251.470.7748
Precinct 4 Iris Smith - 251.208.1304