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Youth Violence Prevention Week

YVP Week 2023 Logo

One week can change lives. That’s what we believe YVP Week will do – give our youth a different outlook on being and belonging. It’s a movement happening throughout the city and it’s about making every young person a YVP champion, which means courageous and influential in pushing for a community free of gun violence.  

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YVP Day of Prayer & Worship Music Fest - Sunday, July 16 | 2-4PM at Mardi Gras Park, 104 S. Royal Street 

YVP Hoop It Up Tournament - Wednesday, July 19 | 1-5PM at Morgan Park, 6000 N. Clairborne Street 

YVP Stop the Violence Back 2 School Rally & Street Party - Saturday, July 22 | 3-6PM, Location TBA




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