Special Operations Division

Special Operations Division

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           Major Phillip McCrary

Major Philip McCrary commands the Special Operations Division which includes the Mounted PatrolCentral Events Mini-PrecinctTraffic Safety UnitSpecial Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) UnitHomeland Security Unit, Marine Detail, and Community Services Section.

Traffic Safety Unit

Traffic Safety Enforcement

The Traffic Safety Unit enforces traffic laws, responds to traffic accidents and provides traffic escorts. The Unit consists of the following:

  • The Traffic Enforcement Detail is responsible for controlling the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and for the enforcement of traffic laws.
  • The Traffic Accident Investigators (TAI) are specially trained and certified in traffic accident investigations. TAI's are responsible for investigating all traffic fatalities, accidents with injuries involving city vehicles and for follow-up investigations of all hit-and-run accidents.
  • The Wrecker/Vehicle Inspection Detail is responsible for coordinating and scheduling the inspection of wreckers that are licensed to do business within the City of Mobile and its jurisdiction and to inspect private vehicles that have been issued citations for motor vehicle equipment violations.
  • The Hazardous Materials Detail is charged with enforcing laws governing the safe transportation of hazardous substances through the city limits of Mobile. Their duties include inspecting hazardous material carriers to ensure their compliance with applicable laws; monitoring highways and tunnels for violations; and investigating all incidents involving spills, leaks, etc.
  • School Traffic Officers are responsible for the safety and welfare of children at school crossings within their assigned areas. They work with school authorities in teaching children the rules of safety and strive for their cooperation and support in safety programs.
  • The Community Police Resource Officers are civilian employees who perform various departmental duties including directing traffic at special functions such as ballgames.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit

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The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit is a team of highly trained officers tasked with the safe remedy of hostage situations, barricaded suspects and sniper incidents. It also provides dignitary protection and the processing of high-risk arrest and search warrants. Each officer assigned to this unit is required to pass a rigorous physical fitness test and demonstrate firearm proficiency under stressful conditions. The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit  is supported by three specialized details:

  • The Explosive Ordinance Disposal Detail consists of officers specially trained to respond to threats of terrorist groups and the munitions they use. They must learn to detect, disarm and dispose of various types of explosives, incendiaries, and ordnance. The detail utilizes a canine and handler trained in the detection of explosives.
  • The Underwater Search/Rescue Detail is utilized to search those areas covered by water for articles, evidence and drowning victims. Officers in this detail are certified divers.
  • The Hostage Negotiation Detail consists of officers trained in crisis management and conflict resolution. Other than situations involving hostages, The Hostage Negotiation Detail is employed when an armed person becomes suicidal during a confrontation.

Homeland Security Unit

The Homeland Security Unit coordinates homeland security matters with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, other first responder agencies, and certain businesses and organizations. 

It assists in planning, coordination and implementation of tabletop and live training exercises involving Weapons of Mass Destruction and terrorism. It coordinates with other agencies to determine the needs of first responders and applies for grants.

Marine Detail

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The Marine Detail is assigned to the Port of Mobile and places emphasis on the safety and security of the Carnival Cruise ship and its passengers. It also patrols the area of the Alabama State Dock and industrial areas located on the waterfront. Residential areas along the waterways are also patrolled for criminal activity.