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Operation Echo Stop

 Operation Echo Stop Logo


On February 1, 2022, the City of Mobile launched Operation Echo Stop in an effort to reduce gun violence within our community. Operation Echo Stop was named in concert with the effort to reduce the sound of gunfire, heard too often throughout our city and in other communities nationwide.

The City of Mobile has initiated a unique and diverse strategy to combat gun violence, unlike any others across the country, namely consisting of four key components or "corners" of the operation.

All four components of the operation are required, and without any one of them Operation Echo Stop will not succeed. Inversely, in and of themselves, no one corner of this operation can reduce gun violence in a meaningful way. The approach requires cooperation of law enforcement, the community and civic leaders across the city. It is not simply an operation that law enforcement launched, it is an undertaking where success will be driven by effective participation.

Our community can interact and become involved in making Mobile the safest city with respect for everyone. The overall success of this operation will be assessed over the course of the next 3-5 years with an outcome-driven model designed around a reduction of gun violence and an improved perception of safety within the City of Mobile. That said, Operation Echo Stop is designed around the urgency of impeding violence and improving perception.


To report gun violence, call/text 251-404-4066. Call 911 for emergencies.