MPD Officer of the Month

Jonathan Rivers

June 2018 • 2nd Precinct

The Mobile Police Department has named Jonathan Rivers the Officer of the Month for June 2018. Serving as a police officer since November 2013, Rivers works patrol in Precinct 2. During the month of June, he provided exceptional and unparalleled service to the citizens of Mobile that perfectly encapsulate his professionalism and dedication to protect and serve.

Rivers responded to 89 calls for service and 41 backings. He made 19 felony and 33 misdemeanor arrests, wrote 17 citations, recovered five firearms of which three were stolen, and recovered four stolen vehicles. His dedication, attention to detail, and impeccable efforts to prevent criminal activity are valuable assets to the Mobile Police Department and to the city.

On June 5, 2018, Rivers responded to a domestic dispute on Carol Plantation Road. Upon arrival, he observed the male subject in a vehicle preparing to leave. He stopped and detained the subject without incident. Through his investigation, he discovered the vehicle was listed as active stolen out of Prichard. During his inventory of the vehicle, Rivers located a stolen 9mm pistol. The subject was charged with receiving stolen property first degree, certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm, and no pistol permit.

Later during the same shift, Rivers responded to an alarm at a pawn shop on Theodore Dawes Road. The business had been broken into, but nothing taken. While on the scene, another business alarm occurred down the street. Rivers quickly responded and observed two subjects emerging from the business. After a short foot pursuit, one subject was captured. While trying to escape, the subject dropped a gun that was reported stolen out of Daphne. During a canvas of the area, a Lexus was located nearby which was stolen earlier that day. The subject was charged with two counts of burglary first degree, receiving stolen property first degree, and receiving stolen property third degree.

On June 10, 2018, Rivers was patrolling Government Boulevard when he discovered a switched tag on a white Ford F-150. He conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The truck was reported stolen in April and the driver was detained. During an inventory of the truck, a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber pistol was located near the driver side floorboard, which did not belong to the subject. He was charged with receiving stolen property second degree and no pistol permit.

In another incident on June 14, 2018, Rivers received information from the Cyber Intelligence Unit on a Honda that was wanted in connection to the commercial burglaries of cigarettes. The vehicle had been detected on Government Street near Pinehill Street. Even though Rivers was transporting an individual to jail, he continuously gave out information over the radio with updates on the vehicle’s location. After he cleared from his prisoner transport, Officer Lewis located the vehicle travelling through Precinct 2. Rivers joined up with Lewis to perform a traffic stop. The subject admitted to her role in the cigarette burglaries. This arrest would not have occurred had Rivers not given out updates on the location of the vehicle. The subject was charged with two counts of burglary third degree.

The next day, Rivers responded to a suspicious call on Government Boulevard in reference to a male subject possibly being involved in the theft of a vehicle hours earlier. As he arrived the vehicle was about to leave. Four occupants were detained. The main subject was also a suspect in another vehicle burglary in the Tillman’s Corner area. A Smith & Wesson revolver was found in the trunk of the car and was recovered. One of the subjects was charged with unlawful breaking and entering of a motor vehicle.

In addition, Rivers made three separate felony drug arrests for possession of methamphetamines, including a trafficking case of 33 grams of methamphetamines.

The Mobile Police Department will honor Rivers at the Officer of the Month Luncheon on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at noon. Sponsored by the Midtown Optimist Club, the luncheon will be held at the Azalea City Golf Course Club, 1000 Gaillard Drive.