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Law Enforcement Recognition Banquet held During National Police Week

May 18th, 2022

The Law Enforcement Recognition Banquet and MPD Awards Presentation is held every year. This one was also as special. Presented by the Mobile City Council and hosted by the Mobile Law Enforcement Foundation, the event was held Tuesday, May 17, 2022 during National Police Week at the Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa.


The Officer of the Year Award was presented to Investigator Charles Dewberry, and Linda Pitts received the Civilian Employee of the Year Award. The other award categories and recipients are listed below.

Meritorious Award:

  • Lieutenant Scott Hanks
  • Sergeant Donnel Pat McKean
  • Corporal Daryl Gipson
  • Corporal Philip Morris
  • Officer Christian Bryant
  • Officer Mark Ainsworth
  • Officer Jonathan Myers
  • Officer Luther Homsher
  • Officer Roderick Miles

Excellent Police Duty Award:

  • Sergeant Bradley Hudson
  • Corporal Jason Bullock
  • Corporal Raymond Grissett
  • Corporal Julius Nettles
  • Corporal Jermaine Rogers
  • Corporal Kenyada Taylor
  • Officer Glenn Barton
  • Officer Brittany Black
  • Officer Rory Graves
  • Officer Charles Hunter
  • Officer Sarah Lambeth
  • Officer Roderick Miles
  • Officer Jamal Slaughter

Life-Saving Award

  • Lieutenant Christopher Levy
  • Corporal David McMeans, III

Chief's Commendation Award

  • Lieutenant Jimmy Bailey
  • Lieutenant Michael Cook
  • Lieutenant Charles Degeer
  • Lieutenant William Hudson
  • Lieutenant Louis Screws
  • Sergeant LaDerrick Dubose
  • Sergeant John Forward
  • Sergeant John Goodwin
  • Sergeant Darlene Looney-McKean
  • Sergeant Dennis Owens
  • Sergeant Jerald Ripple
  • Sergeant Nicholas Vegliacich
  • Corporal Noah Anderson
  • Corporal Jeremy Burch
  • Corporal Richard Curd
  • Corporal Scott Davis
  • Corporal John Jackson
  • Corporal Kevin Naman
  • Corporal Terence Perkins
  • Corporal Jalon Robinson
  • Corporal Shawn Schlumpf
  • Officer Michael Barnett
  • Officer Christopher Culbertson
  • Officer Charles Dewberry
  • Officer Roger Gill
  • Officer Christopher Grimes
  • Officer Charles Hunter
  • Officer Alex Lott
  • Officer Blakely Miles
  • Officer Julian Nettles
  • Officer Paul Onderdonk
  • Officer Ronnie Rester
  • Officer David Reyes
  • Officer Ronald Robinson
  • Officer Antione Stewart
  • Officer Riley Stewart, Jr.
  • Officer Caitlyn Williams
  • Officer Taylor Wood

Outstanding Civilian Service Award

  • Albertine Evon Etheridge, Office Assistant II
  • Lorie Smith, Office Assistant II

Chief's Unit Award - Homicide Unit

  • Lieutenant Stanley Ladnier
  • Sergeant Judd Crepeau
  • Sergeant Kenneth Gillespie
  • Corporal Julius Nettles
  • Corporal Jermaine Rogers
  • Corporal Kenyada Taylor
  • Officer Glenn Barton
  • Officer Rory Graves