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Mutual Respect Guidelines for Citizens and Police Officers

Everyone wants to be safe. Mobile police officers are trained to keep everyone safe in all situations. They have strict guidelines they must follow in officer/citizen encounters. The Mobile Police Department has created separate mutual respect guidelines for citizens. Both are presented in the video “Respect for Everyone.” Take a moment to watch the video and share this information with your loved ones so that they know what to do when stopped by a police officer. 

Mutual Respect Guidelines for Citizens

  • Remain calm
  • Keep your hands where officer(s) can see them
  • Address police officer(s) as “officer” or “officers”
  • Tell the officer(s) if you have a weapon and its location
  • Tell the officer(s) your name and address when asked
  • Answer the officer(s) questions truthfully
  • Comply with the officer(s) instructions
  • Ask for assistance if you need it

Mutual Respect Guidelines for Police Officers

  • Treat all citizens with respect
  • Make decisions based on witnessing a violation or crime, probable cause, suspicious behavior or seeking information to provide for public safety --never solely on age, gender, race, religion
  • Address adults as “ma’am” or “sir”
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Explain the reason for the interaction
  • Repeat orders if they are not followed
  • Use discretion for minor offenses