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28th Annual Mardi Gras Mounted School 
February 18, 2020 through February 26, 2020 

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The Mobile Mardi Gras Mounted School is held in conjunction with the Mobile's two-week Mardi Gras celebration. This is a complete school that includes basic equitation techniques, sensory training, obstacle courses, defensive tactics, arrest procedures, vehicle extractions, formation riding, crowd control tactics and strategies and other advanced law enforcement maneuvers.

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Expert instructors employ a variety of practical scenarios combined with on-the-street training. (Note: Only participants and mounts with demonstrated skills and the approval of Mobile Police Department Mounted Unit supervisors will be allowed to patrol on the streets.) Our instructors emphasize the practical application of mounted patrol within urban environments, and the development of a working team between horse and rider. 

G. Chris Robinson

Officer John Schaffer
  • A horse and rider team that is trained to meet most challenges of mounted patrol work. 
  • A bond and trust between horse and rider that will serve them well in any situation.



Mobile Police Department Mounted Unit
1251 Virginia Street
Mobile, AL 36604-2322


Take I-10 to Virginia St. exit. Turn west and continue for about two miles. Mobile Police Training Academy will be on your left. Horse barn is located behind the Mobile Police Training Academy building.


February 18, 2020 - February 26, 2020


Name: Sergeant Ernest Woodard
Phone: 251-208-2726

Pre-registration required.
Approved helmets and negative Coggins required.

Mounted Instructor photoBACKGROUND:

It isn’t just by chance that the Mobile Police Department’s Mounted Unit can navigate through the raucous sights and sounds of a Mardi Gras street parade. The horses and riders of the MPD Mounted Unit train constantly to assure that their horses can maneuver through rowdy revelers, flying doubloons, towering floats and all the unexpected noises and sights of Mardi Gras.

The goal is to produce a mount that will be calm and obedient under the most stressful conditions by building up a horse's tolerance to unusual sights and sounds.

The Mobile Police Department Mounted Unit was created through a grant of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1991 with a mission to patrol the public housing developments of Mobile. After two years, HUD turned over the unit to the city. The Mounted Unit consists of one lieutenant, one sergeant, one corporal and five officers. They currently have 10 mounts including Quarter Horses, Percheron/Quarter Horse cross, Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross, Belgian, American Paint and Belgian cross horses.

Mounted Instructor photoThe MPD Mounted Auxiliary, started in 1997, is a volunteer organization of civilian riders who are trained to patrol with officers as a support unit. The members train regularly and are required to put in patrol time each month. 

The Horse Barn facilities include two arenas and a large complement of training equipment. Both the sworn officers and auxiliary members have competed nationally and in three of the four national competitions, they have taken first place.

The MPD Mounted Unit hosted its first nationwide training school in 1993.