Frequently Asked Questions

You may request you accident report online, call the Records Unit at 251.208.1991, or check in person at police headquarters located at 2460 Government Blvd Mobile, AL 36606.

Contact the officer that wrote your report through our non-emergency number, 251.208.7211. The officer's name is on the report in the section located under the diagram. If the issue cannot be resolved by the patrol officer you may ask to speak with their sergeant. It is at the discretion of the officer or their supervisors whether the report can be changed. If they decide not to change the report, it can be disputed in Civil Court, 251.574.8420.

Contact your insurance company. If you are only covered by liability on your insurance, you may need to file a civil lawsuit through Civil Court, 251.574.8420.

If the at-fault driver left the scene and you do not have any insurance information, you will need to contact your insurance company. You may also contact our traffic investigators at 251.208.1202 if information was provided. 

Contact our non-emergency number 251.208.7211 and the operator can give you that information. The information will also be on your accident report. 

All information can be obtained on your accident report. 

Contact the City Clerk's office at 251.208.7209

After the patrol officer completes the report it goes through an approval process before it can be obtained in our Records Unit. First, the patrol officer's supervisor must approve the report. After the report is approved, it's loaded into the computer system and assigned appropriately. Once received, the general investigator sergeant will assign your report to a case detective. Generally, after three business days a detective will contact you regarding your report. At this point you can add any information or stolen items that wasn't received during the initial report. Your detective will contact you throughout their investigation if any property is located, a suspect is apprehened, or if they have received additional evidence on your case. You can obtain a copy of your report for insurance purposes online or at police headquarters. However, please allow an additional three business days for any ammendments to your report. 

  • Serial numbers
  • Stolen property identifiers
  • Pictures of stolen property
  • Additional stolen items
  • Suspect information
  • Changes in contact information

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