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False Alarm Fines

Due to the tremendous amount of resources that are being utilized to service false alarm calls, the Mobile Police Department is strictly enforcing the False Alarm Ordinance in accordance with the City of Mobile Ordinance 39-62. A false alarm is presumed if a police officer responds to an alarm but finds no evidence of criminal activity, attempted criminal activity, or an emergency at the resident or business.

The first three responses to a false alarm call are warnings without penalty. However, the fourth and each subsequent response to a premise for a false alarm are billed at a rate of $50 per response. The alarm officer may suspend alarm response at the site if it is determined that the user has 10 or more false alarms in one year.

Alarm Information

Type of Location

Address Where Alarm is Located

Invoice Information

The 'Submit & Pay' button below will take you to the City of Mobile's Resident Access site for payment. Please note that you will need the invoice number to pay. The invoice number can be found in the notice you received.