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DigitalSiren by PursuitAlert

The Mobile Police Department is equipped to alert drivers of a pursuit in progress. With the push of a button, our police officers can use a mobile system to warn drivers within two miles of a pursuit or another possible danger on the roadway. The mobile app is called DigitalSiren by PursuitAlert and it's free to download. 

Using the technology, the Mobile Police Department can keep innocent bystanders out of harm's way. When the chase of the fleeing suspect begins, drivers with the app are immediately notified. This allows them to know what's coming before it gets there. 

According to research by PursuitAlert, more people are killed each year from high-speed police pursuits than from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and lightening combined. Because of that alarming number, the Mobile Police Department invested in technology that would keep the citizens of Mobile safer while driving.   

Visit your app store to download DigitalSiren. To learn more, click here.