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A message from the Chief

As your chief of police...

I will work to reduce crime in the city in order to improve the quality of life for all Mobilians. I promise to uphold the highest standards of law enforcement while in command and to serve and protect all communities – treating each citizen with dignity and respect.

The Mobile Police Department will continue to aim for the goal of making Mobile the safest city in America with respect for everyone. But we cannot achieve this goal alone. We need your eyes, ears and voice. There will be occasions when I ask for your feedback and support. I believe that together, as One Mobile, we can develop effective solutions that are targeted to specific problem areas.  

My philosophy of policing begins with proactive interventions and crime prevention efforts that reduce crime and deter potential offenders.  And, I know how to appropriately mobilize resources for enforcement when necessary.  

The strategic plan that I developed to address crime involves a three-prong approach. First, the modern practice of intelligence-led policing will be the driver of our response. We will employ the latest technology in our fight against crime. Secondly, it’s proven that a successful law enforcement department is one that makes community relations high priority. We will build stronger community partnerships with our faith-based organizations, federal and state agencies and community action groups. Lastly, and equally important, I have created standards of excellence and professionalism for our law enforcement personnel. During every encounter, they have expectations for their attitude, appearance, competence and service. Please help me recognize the officers who excel in these areas by using the Commend an Officer feature on the website.

The Mobile Police Department is looking forward to serving you. I encourage you to invite us to be a part of your next meeting or event. And, remember, we are always recruiting great citizens to become part of our team.
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