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Chaplain Corps

The Mobile Police Department chaplains are on call 24 hours a day to respond and assist police officers in the field. Police chaplains make notifications to families whose loved ones are injured or have been killed. They respond to the scene if there is a death of a child, fatal traffic accident, or a suicide threat, attempt or completion, or any other major violent crime. Several volunteer chaplains are assigned to a specific precinct. The Chaplain Corps consists of ministers from local churches. 

Chaplains Help Victims Heal

From providing comfort and counseling to families who are experiencing extreme grief, visiting the sick and injured, and conducting memorial services, the chaplains serve to help victims heal. 

The chaplains also attend police academy graduations, award ceremonies and other events offering invocations and benedictions. They attend roll calls and briefings when needed as well as ride alongs with patrol officers. 

For assistance, call 251.208.1930.

Volunteer Chaplains

  • Chaplain Morris Bettis
  • Chaplain Bobby Brown
  • Chaplain Len Chilton
  • Chaplain Mike Cook
  • Chaplain Darius Evans
  • Chaplain Patricia Evans
  • Chaplain Dan Good
  • Chaplain Dominic Grant
  • Chaplain Thomas Heard
  • Chaplain Bobby Morton
  • Chaplain Keith Myrick
  • Chaplain Margaret Richey
  • Chaplain Steven Silberman
  • Chaplain Terry Wigley