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Vehicle Auction Rules & Registration Info

Register Online for Vehicle Auction




***Parking will be at the lot on South Ann Street. The gate will open at 8 a.m. Have your ID ready and staff will be at the gate with your bidder card. Online registration is required.***

1. Bidders must be prepared to pay for any vehicle they purchase as soon as they make the winning (highest) bid. Vehicles must be paid for in full by 5:00pm on the following TUESDAY after the auction. Anyone not prepared to pay immediately should not bid.  Acceptable means of payment include cash, debit card and credit cards to include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. A 3% convenience fee with a Minimum of $2.50 will be added to all credit/debit card transactions.

2. Auction bidders will be given 10 days,until the following Friday after an auction by 5:00 p.m. at the close of business to pick up vehicles. Any vehicle not picked up will be forfeited and be placed in the next upcoming auction, and no refund will be given to the buyer after the allotted time has expired.

3. Each auctioned vehicle must be paid for in full prior to the winning bidder removing the vehicle from the premises. If more than one vehicle is purchased by a particular bidder, all vehicles must be paid for prior to any of the vehicles leaving the premises. 

4. Auction bidders will register for an auction online at Each registered bidder will receive their bid card the morning of the auction after reporting to the auction office and presenting the driver's license or identification card that was submitted with the online registration. 

5. In order to become a registered bidder and receive a bidder’s number, each applicant must possess a current driver's license card and be at least 18 years of age.  No children or minors under the age of 18 or pets will be allowed in the auction area or on the premises.

6. Registered bidders will be allowed to preview vehicles to be auctioned between 8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on the day of the auction. Only registered bidders, with a bidder’s number will be allowed to enter the deignated auction area. 

7. All registered bidders must be in possession of their bidder’s number in order to place a bid. Bidders will not be allowed to bid using other bidder numbers that are not registered to them.

8. The Bill of Sale for each purchased vehicle will be completed in the name of the winning bidder. The policy of the Mobile County License Commissioner’s Office states that each auctioned vehicle must be titled in the name of the winning bidder.  The bidder is responsible for taking abandoned paperwork with the vehicle to the License Commissioner to apply for the title and registration.

9. During the auction, the vehicle being auctioned will have an orange cone placed on it.

10. All vehicles to be auctioned are sold in AS IS CONDITION with NO WARRANTY of any type or kind. Purchasers have no legal recourse against the City of Mobile, the Mobile Police Department or the auctioneer, pertaining to the vehicle they purchase.  All vehicles will be auctioned by lot numbers. All vehicles sold at auction are sold as abandoned and will not have an accompanying title.

11. A winning bid is considered a contract; any bidder who fails to honor that contract may be subject to legal action and will be banned from bidding at future auctions.  Registered bidders that fail to pay for a vehicle purchased at auction will not be allowed on the Impound Lot during any future auctions.

12. There will be a $35.00 charge added to each vehicle purchased to cover the cost of certified mail and a title search.

13. All drivable vehicles must have insurance coverage prior to leaving the premises.

14. All auction participants will be required to stay within the confines of the auction area.

15. Under no circumstances will auction participants be allowed to rummage, go through, or take items from vehicles. Any participant caught stealing items from auction vehicles or any other vehicle on any area of the Impound Yard facility WILL BE ARRESTED.

16. Anyone who fails to follow the guidelines or directives of police or impound personnel will be asked to leave the premises. 

17. The City of Mobile Police Impound reserves the right to refuse or reject any bid at any time and or the right to cancel the sale.

18. Should a dispute arise regarding the highest bid between two or more bidders, the vehicle will be put up again immediately for rebid.

19.Smoking is not allowed on City property. 

20. After the conclusion of the acution, bidders are NOT permitted to work on vehicles or remove parts. 

Upcoming Auctions

Auctions are held every second Tuesday of the month at the MPD Impound Yard, 1251 Virginia Street, Lot B.