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Administrative Services

Kevin Rogers photo


Kevin Rodgers

The Administrative Services Section, commanded by Captain Kevin Rodgers, is comprised of the Inspection Unit and the Planning and Research Unit . All departmental policies flow from this unit, which is charged with forecasting trends and setting the department's strategic goals. In this respect, Planning and Research is the driving force of the Police Department, compiling valuable data that is deployed to better serve all the diverse neighborhoods of the City of Mobile.

Every three years, the Planning and Research Unit undertakes the difficult task of amassing a wealth of data to attain national accreditation. It is a distinction that shows the department has complied with 459 standards governing policy procedures, management and operations, and support services. The accrediting agency, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) follows up with on-site inspections.

Inspection Unit

The Inspection Unit includes the Inspection Detail, Accreditation and Grant Administration. The Inspection Detail is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the Chief of Police apprised of the current readiness status of the different commands within the Mobile Police Department. The Grant Administration Detail is tasked with the acquisition and management of the many state and federal grant opportunities that benefit the funding and operations of many Department programs, personnel and equipment.

Planning and Research

Planning and Research includes five sub-units: Budgeting/Purchasing, Payroll, GIS Analysis, Fleet Coordinator and Radio Shop. Budgeting/Purchasing is tasked with creation and maintenance of the Department's finances and purchasing of all equipment and services required by the agency. Payroll is responsible for accurate documentation of personnel funding and communication with the city's main Payroll Department. GIS Analysis is responsible for the accurate mapping of crime data and any other mapping requests that are requested by the Chief of Police. The Fleet Coorindator is responsible for accurately tracking and monitoring of the Department's vehicle fleet. The Radio Shop is tasked with outfitting new vehicles and maintaining the current fleet in a state of readiness with regards to all electronic equipment installed in the vehicles. 


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