Mobile PD Community Survey

The Mobile Police Department continually strives for excellent community service. In order to measure our success, we are conducting a survey of your attitudes and opinions regarding the quality of our services. Your comments and opinions are important to us. Please take a moment of your time to tell us how you feel.

Questions marked with a * are required.

*1. How many years have you lived in Mobile?
*2. What is your zip code?
*3. In the past year, have you had any contact with the Mobile Police Department? Please check the appropriate answer.
*4. Rate the overall quality of service you feel the Mobile Police Department provides. Please check the appropriate answer.
*5. How would you rate the professional conduct, attitude, and appearance of Mobile Police Officers? Please check the appropriate answer.
*6. How would you rate the overall competency of the Mobile Police Departmentís employees? Please select the appropriate answer.
*7. Do you have any concerns regarding law enforcement, the safety and security of yourself, your friends or family, or your workplace? If yes, please answer number 8
8. Please list your concerns.
9. Do you have any other recommendations, suggestions, or additional information you would like to provide?

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