MPD Precincts

Central Events Mini-Precinct
320 Dauphin St • Mobile, AL 26602

Lt. James Cunningham

Lt. James Cunningham

Welcome to the Central Events Mini-Precinct

The Central Events Mini-Precinct is located in the heart of Downtown Mobile at 320 Dauphin Street. The Central Events Unit was formed in 1992 and is responsible for patrolling and serving the downtown area.

The downtown area is comprised of a central business district, an entertainment district and several residential areas and six city parks. Thousands of people work and play in the downtown area daily. There are events held nearly every day throughout the year including conventions, concerts, art shows, markets and of course, the largest celebration in Mobile — Mardi Gras. The officers assigned to Central Events are charged with ensuring the area is a fun, safe and vibrant area to work, play and shop.

Central Events is commanded by Lt. James Cunningham and is comprised of 30 officers and 14 civilians. These officers and civilians work in a close partnership with the downtown community and serve them using a multitude of tactics and equipment. They patrol on foot, bicycle, Segway, patrol car, golf cart and horseback. Central Events also monitors cameras that are strategically placed throughout the downtown area 24 hours a day.