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MPD Updates Regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19
Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

To help prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, the Mobile Police Department has taken steps to protect the health of its personnel and community members. Some services have been suspended or changed. Police are also enforcing the executive orders issued by Gov. Kay Ivey and Mayor Sandy Stimpson. 


The City of Mobile Animal Shelter has suspended all pet adoptions in an effort to prevent large crowds from gathering. And, the animal shelter is no longer accepting stray animal drop-offs. Citizens are asked to provide foster care for the stray animals, if possible.


The Impound Yard Vehicle Auction is usually held every second Tuesday of the month. The vehicle auction scheduled for the month of April has been cancelled.

Citizens who need to pick up an impounded vehicle from the Impound Yard are asked to call 251-208-2585 to schedule an appointment to do so.


Instead of making a trip to police headquarters to get a police report from the Records Unit, citizens are encouraged to make the request online. Accident reports and incident reports (only for burglaries and thefts) can be requested here. False alarm fines can be paid online as well.

There will be limited access to police headquarters due to COVID-19.


The Mobile Police Department will not be offering fingerprinting to the public until further notice.


The Mobile Police Department is committed to keeping the city safe, which means officers will continue to be present on their beats patrolling all areas.

Out of the abundance of caution and to prevent coronavirus spread, crime complaints considered low priority such as minor offenses and misdemeanors will be taken over the telephone using the department’s Teleserve. Teleserve officers will take the complaint and complete an incident report.

Officers will continue to respond to violent crime and be dispatched to crime complaints that require the presence of a police officer.


Gov. Kay Ivey issued an executive order effective April 4, 2020 banning large gatherings due to the risk of infection by COVID-19. The gatherings of any size that cannot maintain a consistent six-foot distance between persons are prohibited. Police are asking for voluntary compliance from all, but will take enforcement action if needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, effective April 4, 2020, the Mobile Police Department will enforce the curfew ordered by the Office of the Mayor. During this time, everyone is to stay at home as much as possible to minimize exposure. 

On April 7, 2020, the Mobile City Council approved the fines for curfew violation. For the first offense, curfew violators will be fined $100. The fine is $200 for the second offense. 

The curfew does not apply to public safety workers, public health workers, utilites workers, government employees or contractors necessary to maintain or restore services, persons seeking emergency medical treatment, credentialed media staff, those who travel through the city, and persons experiencign homelessness. 

Approved documentation must be presented to the police officer if you fall into one of the exmpt categories and are stopped. See full list of exemptions.


For inquiries contact MPD Public Affairs Office

Contact Phone #: 251-208-1918 Contact Email:

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