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Angela Finch receives Civilian Employee of the Month recognition

The Mobile Police Department honors Angela Finch as the Civilian Employee of the Month for July 2019. Finch was hired March 2007, and currently works as a criminal investigative analyst in the Cyber-Intelligence Unit. She is recognized for her high level of perseverance and dedication to support officers and the citizens of Mobile.

The most notable example of her work for the month involves a traffic fatality that occurred on Government Blvd. near Azalea Road on July 14. With no witnesses present, the driver fled the scene and the only clues left were a few parts from the front of the vehicle.

Traffic accident investigators could only determine the make and model of the vehicle and had no other leads to follow. On July 15, Finch began to research possible vehicles using the information given and continued searching relentlessly for eight days until she discovered a Lincoln Navigator that fit the description and was missing the same parts that were recovered from the scene. The information was forwarded to the investigators that day.


On July 24, the vehicle was located at a body shop in Maine. The investigators travelled to Maine and executed a search warrant on July 30 that resulted in the recovery of further evidence linking the vehicle to the crime.

One of the possible suspects, who happened to live within close proximity to the collision, is on parole for two counts of vehicular homicide in Maine. As of July 31, the investigators and Maine State Police are actively searching for the driver of the vehicle. Per their statements, none of this would have been possible without the diligence and perseverance that Finch put into finding the vehicle.

During the month of July, Finch also assisted in identifying suspects and vehicles in over 36 other cases. This includes another leaving the scene of an accident (LSA) involving a pedestrian stuck by a vehicle and a serial thief at Target in the Fourth Precinct. Finch helped with several assault cases as well.

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