Investigative Operations Division

Investigative Operations Division

Major William Jackson photo
           Major William Jackson

The Investigative Operations Division, commanded by Major William Jackson, takes up where the street patrol officer leaves off: tracking the offender and making the case against him or her. These responsibilities fall to the police detectives who operate out of either the Criminal Investigation or Special Investigation Section.

The Criminal Investigation Section, which employs general investigation detectives in each of the four precincts, is responsible for investigating assaults, domestic violence, sex crimes, financial crimes, gun crimes, homicides and robberies. This section is also responsible for collecting, documenting and preserving evidence from crime scenes.

The Special Investigation Section investigates and employs resources to identify those selling and trafficking narcotics. The narcotics unit also enforces laws pertaining to the licensing of establishments that sell alcohol or provide adult entertainment, and investigates illegal gambling and prostitution.

Also under the Special Investigation auspices are the Canine Detail which utilizes highly-trained dogs to search for narcotics, suspects and explosive devices and the Youth Services Unit which investigates crimes committed against and by juveniles.