Intelligence-Led Policing

Case-oriented policing has been the norm in America since the 1900s. Police work the case and make the arrest. Although it remains an important part of policing, it’s reactive. Over the years, it has become less effective as criminals become more sophisticated.

Intelligence-led policing began in Mobile in 2014. This approach helps police officers effectively gather and analyze data, and use it to proactively focus resources on high-crime areas and career criminals. It employs technology and cyber-intelligence as a force multiplier and makes possible joint operations with other agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, U. S. Attorney’s Office, and Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.

Intelligence-led policing helps end criminal activity and the hopelessness that comes when crimes go unpunished. Intelligence-led policing brings increased safety to specific areas – arresting violent criminals and removing citizens’ fearfulness. Once crime rates decrease and feeling safe increases, policing has succeeded.  

Enforcement Services

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