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Vigilant Nextdoor Neighbors Help Police Capture Vehicle Burglary Suspects

Vigilant Nextdoor Neighbors Help Police Capture Vehicle Burglary Suspects

Several residents of the Lansdowne subdivision woke up Monday, June 12, 2017 and discovered that someone had entered their vehicles and stolen items. The residents called MPD to make reports. Additionally, the residents posted the incident on Nextdoor. 

One neighbor, who did not have his vehicle broken into, saw the Nextdoor posts and decided to check the surveillance video from the cameras installed around his house. Two subjects were seen walking from the street up the driveway toward his vehicles. The neighbor posted on Nextdoor that he had video of potential suspects. 

The detective contacted the neighbor. He pulled photos from the neighbor’s surveillance video and notified all police to ‘Be on the Look Out’ with hopes to identify the suspects. 

On Wednesday, July 5, 2017, officers of Precinct 2 stopped a car and detained the occupants under suspicion of a vehicle burglary. One of the three occupants in the vehicle bore a striking resemblance to the wanted suspect in the photo sent to all police. 

Because of the efforts of these vigilant Nextdoor neighbors and their gathering of information, the detective was able to sign warrants to make an arrest. The suspects were juveniles.

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