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Tips for Parents to Keep Kids Safe during the Christmas Holidays

During the Christmas holidays, police urge parents to follow five important guidelines to keep their kids safe at local entertainment spots including skating rinks and movie theaters. 

1. Parents should check the establishment’s admittance policy. 

  • Does my child meet the age requirement to attend? 
  • Is there a time for certain age groups to attend? 
  • What is the establishment’s drop-off policy for kids? 

2. Don’t drop off kids if adult supervision is required. 

  • Remain present at the establishment with your children. 
  • Check if adult supervision is required at all times. If your child arrives with someone else make sure that person is responsible and can be contacted in the event of an emergency. 
  • When parents leave kids unattended for several hours without a ride home it can leave kids to mischief. 

3. Parents should be prompt in picking up kids. 

  • Parents should know what time their children need to be picked up, and arrive on time. This will help control overcrowding. 

4. Be aware of the establishment’s surroundings. 

  • Is the parking lot well lit? 
  • Are there video surveillance cameras on the inside and the outside? And, is that establishment a partner of MPD Project Shield? 

5. Parents should encourage their children to report any safety concerns to the officer on duty. 

  • The open communication kids have with the officers on duty allows for more prompt response to a situation and the elimination of violence that may cause harm to all kids attending. 

Kids hear about the hangouts on social media and show up by the masses. Through tips and the monitoring of social media police know where to respond. But, with the help of responsible parents police officers can keep places where kids like to go for entertainment safer.

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