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The Dangers of Shooting a Gun into the Air

The Dangers of Shooting a Gun into the Air

Shooting a gun into the air within city limits is against the law. People can get killed or injured by stray bullets, which is why the Mobile Police Department is issuing this warning. Mobile police continue to receive reports of guns being fired into the air, especially in the First Precinct area.

Police respond to every complaint and every complaint is investigated. The person found responsible for shooting a gun into the sky will be arrested. If people are injured or property damaged, the person could face felony charges.

Remember, what goes up, must come down. Protect human life and others’ property. Don’t shoot your gun into the air.

Citizens who witness someone recklessly firing a gun into the air should call 251-208-7211 to make a report. Be sure to provide an accurate description of the person committing the offense. You can remain anonymous.


For inquiries contact MPD Public Affairs Office

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