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Public Safety Dispatcher Ashley Foster Named Civilian Employee of the Month

Ashley Foster
Ashley Foster

Public safety dispatcher Ashley Foster has been named the Civilian Employee of the Month for March 2019. Foster began her employment with the Mobile Police Department Communications Unit in July 2013. As a five-year veteran, she continues to prove herself to be an asset to the department.

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, Foster was assigned to the Precinct Two dispatch channel. At 10:37 a.m., Foster received notification that units were needed in the area of southbound University Blvd. and Grelot Road in reference to a stolen vehicle spotted in the area. She immediately obtained all the vehicle information. A unit responded stating he was behind the stolen vehicle, occupied two times, and that it was going eastbound on Cottage Hill Road passing Demetropolis Road. Foster confirmed the vehicle information and advised the officer that the vehicle was showing active stolen.

Foster began preparing for a possible vehicle pursuit by notifying her co-workers that a unit would be attempting to light the vehicle up when backing arrived. With the suspect moving closer to another precinct’s area, Foster was able to start two more units to assist. Within a minute, backing came and the units were lighting the stolen vehicle up at Cottage Hill Road and Brannan Drive.

The suspect refused to stop as he approached Lakeside Drive and Cottage Hill. Foster quickly notified her co-workers and supervisors of the vehicle pursuit. Channels were patched immediately with Foster giving pursuit notification and pertinent information. While following all procedures and protocol, Foster maintained a calm and professional demeanor. The vehicle pursuit lasted several minutes with the speed of 55 mph.

With the suspect approaching the area of The Shoppes at Bel Air and doubling back to get onto the west I-65 Service Road, it was extremely important to get the suspect apprehended. After reaching the Service Road, the suspect’s vehicle began smoking. Foster quickly realized the suspect was possibly going to bail in the area. She advised all units that the suspect’s vehicle was smoking and that he was near the Southeastern Salvage store. The suspect bailed immediately near that location running toward the Inn Town Suites.

Foster was able to get the suspect’s description and quickly relayed it to all units. She immediately had Mobile Fire-Rescue respond to the location in reference to the vehicle having a small fire, making sure the fire didn’t spread to any of the nearby businesses or onto the Service Road. After about 15 to 20 minutes of searching for the suspect, he was apprehended.

Due to Foster’s attention to detail and performing her job with an excellent work ethic, she helped the officers in the field take the suspect, and the passenger, into custody without injuries or any other incidents. She is applauded for her quick thinking ahead and preparation for the worst.

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