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Plan Ahead for Emergencies with Smart911

Plan Ahead for Emergencies with Smart911

In today’s time, most people either do not use a home phone or do not have a home phone because they use a cellular phone. The transition to using just cellular devices has hampered the ability of first responders in several ways. In an effort to continue to provide timely medical and police service, we are asking that you consider signing up for Smart911. It is extremely easy and helps reduce response times and provides responding medical personnel with information that could help save your life.

Simply go to and enter your information. You can add as much information or as little as you are comfortable with inserting. None of the information is accessible unless you call 911.

Wait there is more! By selecting Emergency Notifications from AL-Mobile-County-911 on the Alerts page of the Smart911 account set up, you can receive emergency alerts as well as information concerning events through the RAVE Alert and Notification System. For example, if you plan on attending the fair, Mardi Gras, or some other event in Mobile County you can choose to receive alerts for the function and you will be alerted by a text message of changes with the events or of an emergency situation that may affect you.

This system will also be utilized during natural disasters such as hurricanes. In such events, you can receive text messages advising you of road closures, curfews, power outages and much more. 

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