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New Protocol for Sporting Events

Mobile County Public Schools Protocol for Sporting Events

Superintendent Chresal Threadgill is requiring this protocol to be officially enforced beginning September 6, 2019, for all home football games. Therefore, there are NO exceptions to the protocol. The 18 steps we are taking to ensure student safety should be communicated thoroughly and repeatedly with ALL students, faculty, staff, and parents, as well as the community. The Central Office will communicate the protocol with opposing school districts as well. The district will also communicate this information via social media accounts, the media and a television broadcast.

  1. We are increasing the number of police and/or security officers at MCPSS home football games and other sporting events.
  2. Schools will only have ONE or TWO designated gates for spectators to enter.
  3. Walk-through metal detectors will be utilized at these entrances, which will be manned by armed police officers as well as a school administrator or a designated school official. 
  4. Metal detector wands will also be used at gates as an additional security measure.
  5. No one will be allowed into any game without going through the proper security checks.
  6. There will be a uniformed officer at both gates – the home and visitor gates - for the duration of the game (until the game has ended and the stadium is cleared).
  7. All security should be positioned throughout the stadium and on patrol.
  8. There will be ABSOLUTELY no passes out; everyone entering the game MUST buy a ticket regardless of the amount of time remaining in the game.
  9. Any suspicious individuals or activities should be reported to uniformed officers immediately.
  10. Any suspicious attire may warrant an additional search of individual(s).
  11. MCPSS reserves the right to deny entry and/or remove anyone from the stated sporting venues.
  12. Only clear bags, including purses, will be allowed inside any MCPSS sporting event; all bags will be searched upon entry. Backpacks and umbrellas WILL NOT be allowed in the stadiums (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  13. There will be extensive parking lot patrol, corridor patrol, and frequent restroom area monitoring at all stadiums.
  14. Officers and administrators will constantly monitor stands on both sides.
  15. No spectators will be allowed to change sides for any reason; officers will monitor end zones during the games.
  16. A team will conduct a thorough sweep of the interior and exterior perimeter of the stadium to ensure that a weapon is not placed inside the stadium or on the exterior perimeter between games.
  17. ALL MCPSS employees working games, including coaches, are required to wear official name badges in order to be easily identified as official personnel. Band chaperones MUST have formal credentials as well; t-shirts will not be considered official.
  18. Walkie talkies should be used by school administrators to allow constant communication throughout the game.


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