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MPD Warns Drivers about Warm-Up Thefts

Warming up the car seems like the smart thing to do during the extreme cold weather. But leaving the car running and unattended to warm up before heading out is a crime of opportunity for car thieves. With the key already in the ignition, all the criminal has to do is jump in and drive off. During the past week, the Mobile Police Department has had nine vehicles stolen that were left running and unattended to warm up.

In an effort to stop warm-up thefts, Mobile police urge drivers to never leave their vehicle running, unattended and unlocked. And, don’t leave valuables in plain sight becoming a tempting target for thieves.

With newer model vehicles equipped with push-button start, drivers are reminded to always lock their doors as some vehicles can run without the key fob. This will also prevent easy vehicle theft.

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