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MPD Receives Big Shipment of Free Gun Locks

MPD Receives Big Shipment of Free Gun Locks

Every city resident who owns a firearm needs to know how to secure it. Promoting firearms safety, the Mobile Police Department has gotten a big shipment of gun locks and is offering them to the public for free.


Nearly all firearms accidents can be prevented by taking proper gun safety steps. Hiding a gun in a closet or drawer is not safe. The danger is that children may find the gun, point it in the wrong direction and accidentally pull the trigger. Or they may intentionally use it to cause deathly injury against another person, thus entering into the juvenile justice system at an early age.  


The free gun lock consists of an armored steel cable with one end permanently secured to a keyed padlock. When the lock is properly installed, the firearm is unloaded and the lock prevents the firearm’s action from closing.


Through partnership with Project ChildSafe, a nationwide program to help ensure safe and responsible firearms ownership and storage, the Mobile Police Department is able to provide the gun lock to firearm owners.


Anyone interested in the free gun lock can get one at the MPD Community Services Division, 2407 Airport Blvd. A gun lock safety tips brochure is included with each gun lock.

For inquiries contact MPD Public Affairs Office

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