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MPD attempts to verify missing persons as found

When a person is reported missing, the Mobile Police Department conducts an investigation surrounding the disappearance. But, when that person has been found, police need to be notified. There are 14 people still listed as missing in the National Crime Information Center database who police have evidence to believe they are alive and well.

For example, Emma Leveritt was reported missing on Nov. 21, 2013. Since then, records show she renewed her driver’s license on Nov. 27, 2018. Tobias Marquis Fikes was reported missing in July 2017. Fikes was issued a ticket on Oct. 24, 2018. And, Jaylen Longmire was reported missing Feb. 20, 2018. A social media post shows that Longmire graduated from high school this past May.

Before a missing person case is closed, the investigator must establish and document that the person has indeed been found. To cancel their missing person status, the 14 people are asked to please go to police headquarters, 2460 Government Blvd., to physically show themselves, proving that they are no longer missing.

Here is the list with the date of birth of each person along with the year they were reported missing.

Emma Leveritt (4-7-98), Joshua Jammond Grayson (11-20-95), Tynikkia Tyshelle Tanner (10-24-96), Kali Nicole Sherman (10-16-97), and Quinsheryl Louise Mosley (6-10-81) were reported missing in 2013.

Ashley Delana Taylor (3-20-96) was reported missing in 2014. Diane S. Sullivan (7-31-59) was reported missing in 2015.

In 2017, Rashad Keith Walker (9-27-02), Tobias Marquis Fikes (2-24-86) and Cory Denon Quinnie (11-21-99) were reported missing.

Thomas Claude Adams (11-7-62), Analicia Marie Sharp –Bowman (2-4-00), Breana Dortch (10-27-03), and Jaylen Longmire (6-30-01) were reported missing in 2018.

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