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Mardi Gras 2017 Safety Tips and Information

Mardi Gras 2017 Safety Tips and Information

Safety Tips

  • Attend parades in groups, with family or friends.
  • Glass containers are prohibited by city ordinance.
  • Do not follow floats. Violators may be arrested.
  • Do not throw any object in the direction of floats, band members or any parade participants.  Violators may be arrested.
  • Materials known as “Silly String” and “Snap & Pops” along with similar products are illegal.  Possession of any these products may result in arrest.
  • Do not cross the barricades. Each officer will be carrying a ticket book and will be issuing citations for the offense. The fine for crossing the barricades is $298.
  • No underage drinking is allowed. Special undercover police details arrest violators.
  • If you need police assistance during a parade, go to the nearest intersection and advise a uniformed police officer.
  • Choose a well-lit area for night parade viewing.
  • Establish a post-parade meeting place for family and friends in case you become separated.
  • Park vehicles in secure areas and do not leave valuables in plain sight. Utilize the trunk to store valuables.
  • Uniformed and plain-clothes officers will be patrolling behind the crowds to identify and arrest persons engaging in criminal activity.
  • Pets are prohibited during the parades downtown.
  • Skateboards and motorized scooters are prohibited.

Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Towed

The Mobile Police Department closes streets in the downtown area one hour before each scheduled parade. Non-parking areas are designated by signage. Gold and Purple Mardi Gras "No Parking" signs are placed along the parade routes. 

If your vehicle is towed for parking in a non-parking area, it will be taken to a temporary impound lot at Water and Monroe Streets. The temporary fenced lot is located between the former Roussos Restaurant and the Mobile Cruise Terminal under the I-10 roadway. 

The lot closes at 11 p.m. each parade night. Vehicles not retrieved by that time will be moved to the permanent impound facility located behind the Mobile Police Training Academy at 1251 Virginia Street.

Cost to retrieve a vehicle from either of the impound lots is $125. Only cash, debit cards, or MasterCard and Visa credit cards will be accepted. 

Motorists picking up their towed vehicles must present a valid driver's license, proof of ownership (registration, tag receipt, etc.), and proof of current insurance. 

RV parking on the medians along Clairborne Street and Canal Street is prohibited. RV parking is available underneath I-10 at Canal and Water Streets for a fee. 

Lost Children

Parents are encouraged to make every effort to place an identity card in their child's pocket in the event they become separated from each other. The card should provide the name of the child, address, telephone contact numbers and the name of a relative. 

In the event parents and children are separated, children should be instructed to go to the nearest police officer. Police will attempt to contact the parents and the children will be taken to the downtown mini precinct located at 320 Dauphin Street until they can be reunited. 

Parade Information

Citizens should not call 911 or the Mobile Police Department's non-emergency number for Mardi Gras information requests. Those requests can be addressed by dialing 311, the city's information line. 

For inquiries contact MPD Public Affairs Office

Contact Phone #: 251-208-1918 Contact Email:

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