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Do you know the Rules of the Road for Passing Bicyclists?

Help make Mobile a more bicycle-friendly community by obeying safe passing laws. The Mobile Police Department reminds drivers that 3 feet is the minimum for passing bicyclists on the road.

Alabama law requires that all vehicles are overtaken and passed at a safe distance of not less than three feet on any of the following.

  1. A roadway that has a marked bicycle lane, or
  2. A roadway without a marked bicycle lane if the roadway has a marked speed limit of 45 miles per hour or less, and the roadway does not have a double yellow line separating cars from oncoming traffic indicating a no passing zone.

Alabama law states that the definition of a safe distance when passing a bicyclist shall only apply when a cyclist is riding within two feet of the right shoulder of the roadway.

The same distance that you would provide another motor vehicle from the rear while in motion applies to bicyclists as well.


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