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Call 911 if Social Media Broadcasts Show Someone in Danger

The Mobile Police Department urges citizens to call 911 if they see any social media showing someone in immediate danger and part of a potentially life-threatening situation.

With the new social media feature to publish as an event is unfolding, there are more reports of criminals posting footage of their crimes. Recently, Mobile police charged three young men, all 19 years old, with harassment and no pistol permit for starting random fights with people at Figures Park. According to the victim, the men were filming the incident on social media.

“When you see something on social media that threatens the life of another person or group of people, involve Mobile police,” said Chief of Police Lawrence Battiste. “By being vigilant you can help us protect those targeted and put a stop to senseless crimes.”

Users of social media can play a vital role in keeping everyone safe. The time it takes to call 911 could stop a crime from happening and prevent the innocent from becoming a victim.

Mobile police take threats of crime seriously, and will prosecute those involved to the fullest extent of the law.

Men Arrested for Starting Fights at Figures Park

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