Press Release

Mobile Police Department to Add Over 100 New Cars to Aging Fleet

August 08, 2014

In keeping with his strategic plan, Chief James H. Barber announces today 103 new cars have been purchased in this fiscal year to replace aging vehicles. Of these cars, 79 are Chevrolet Caprices, which are in the process of being outfitted with new mobile data terminals (MDTs) and technology as well as the newer stripe package which was unveiled in December 2013. The remaining vehicles are Chevrolet Impalas which will be driven by various officers and detectives. The Impalas will remain unmarked.

The Department’s previous fleet consisted of many high-mileage and aging patrol cars – 31% of which have been driven 150,000 to 300,000 miles. Previous to the addition of the new vehicles, the Department would have approximately 70 vehicles in the garage at a given time. This often resulted in having two officers patrolling in one vehicle. The cost of maintenance on such a high number of significant repairs will be greatly reduced by the addition of these new cars.

The new MDTs and other equipment added to the new fleet becomes a force multiplier as manual labor is replaced with technology. “It is from these vehicles that the officers patrol their respective beats, respond to calls for service and the vehicles bring them all the technology and equipment needed to perform their duties,” said Barber. “Fresh equipment gives an officer pride in their duty.”

In bringing in these vehicle, high-mileage and damaged vehicles can be retired, bringing the number of vehicle in the Department’s fleet from 644 to 609.


Ashley H. Rains
Public Information Office
(251) 208-1918

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