Department Initiatives


You Have A Choice

The MPD You Have A Choice Program was implemented by Mobile Police Chief James Barber to help young people avoid the dangers of involvement with crime, including illegal drugs, illegal guns and other behaviors that could ruin their lives.

You Have A Choice

connects young people and their parents to sources of help that range from information about how to keep citizen/police encounters safe to drug intervention and treatment. All MPD officers and employees and < ahref="">Family Intervention Team (FIT) members are familiar with the program. It is delivered through the MPD Family Intervention Team and cooperating social services agencies including the Drug Information Council. FIT team members teach students about our laws, the MPD safety guidelines and the importance of respect for everyone.

The program is presented in our You Still Have A Choice video. The video uses a tragic murder to illustrate the relationship between choices and consequences and how quickly decisions to commit crimes can be made. It presents the choices young people face and their consequences and shows how quickly the decision to commit crime may be made. Copies of the video are available at police headquarters and at all precincts. MPD speakers are available to present the video and discuss how to stay safe with groups such as church organizations, civic clubs, neighborhood groups, etc

arrange a presentation with the MPD Speakers Bureau.