Delivering oN Our Promises

New and Expanded Services to Meet the Needs of All Our Communities

With this support, the MPD became a beehive of innovation focused on benefiting all citizens.

In this day of instant communications our communities are no longer separate from each other. They are connected by social media and cell phones. When something happens in one community it can trigger the same problem in another. Thugs are mobile and always looking for new victims.

A good example is guns. Illegal guns are frequently stolen guns. Often they are stolen from unlocked vehicles in neighborhoods far from where they are used to commit crimes. Prevention of gun deaths requires intervention to make sure guns in cars and homes are locked up and identifying thugs and pursuing them for all the crimes they have committed not waiting for them to get caught committing a new crime.

Illegal drugs are another example. People from one neighbor go to another where they believe they can buy illegal drugs. The crime of selling and buying illegal drugs occurs in one neighborhood but the actions of the drug user cause crimes in their own neighborhood as they steal from their parents and tragedies on our streets as they drive high.

MPD’s many new services are designed to keep everyone in every neighborhood safe.

How The Mobile Police Department is working to
build a Better Police Department